Molecular Oral Medicine 2020: The mouth – viral entry portal and first immune defence barrier

We are pleased to invite you together with the Senate of Economics to a free online update congress. The live stream will take place on August 21 from 16:00 to 18:00 from the Senate TV Studio Berlin. Experience online at your own computer the top-class exchange of experts from the fields of medicine, science and health economics with the topic:
What is the significance of oral immunocompetence for diagnostics, interdisciplinarity and prevention in medicine and dentistry at the time of COVID-19?

About Us

Highly Sensitive Biomarker Technology for Your

Patients’ Health

Dentognostics is a research-driven technology company with in-vitro diagnostic products that are patented worldwide, e.g. for detecting aMMP-8 inflammation markers for the purpose of analyzing collagenolytic activity in the mouth. We collaborate with strong biotechnology partners like Qiagen and MedixBioChemica to ensure that we can always provide our customers from medicine and dentistry with powerful, innovative systems for diagnostics, therapy and care. Our goal at all times is to preserve, protect and restore the natural oral health of our patients.

Dentognostics has developed the patented aMMP-8 biomarker technology and is a global advocate for the “PerioPreventionsConcept” and interdisciplinary collaboration between medicine and dentistry. Since 2004, the company has been certified in accordance with DIN ISO EN 13485:2010.

Dentognostics provides its customers and international companies with IVD products that meet the highest quality standards. Dentognostics is part of the Matrix Biotech AG Group based in Switzerland, which seeks to distribute innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products, in particular its aMMP-8 rapid screening tests, across the globe in collaboration with leading partners in each country.

The Best Prevention

Digital in-house immunodiagnostics with an analysis report in just 5 minutes – at your PerioPrevention Center now

The ImplantSafe Check-up

ImplantSafe supports prevention planning to halt the progression of peri-implant tissue breakdown.

PerioSafe Profiling

PerioSafe detects which preventive measures are necessary to protect teeth and gums from periodontitis.

The PerioPrevention Center

Your health is our passion – become a PerioPrevention Center today and be part of the network.

New Periodontitis Classification 2018

Staging and Grading – Tracking Periodontal Progression

With the introduction of the new, global classification system for periodontitis on 21 June 2018, the focus is now, more than ever, on the development and progression of periodontitis.

This comprehensive classification system incorporates the latest evidence and is based on standard WHO disease classifications, such as those for cancer. It includes a decision matrix with a “staging and grading” system for periodontitis.

Staging comprises four levels, from stage 1 (initial periodontitis) to stage 4 (advanced periodontitis). The risk of disease and the degree of disease progression are divided into three grades, from grade A (low risk or slow progression) to grade C (high risk or rapid progression).

Risk factors such as smoking and accompanying diseases like diabetes can be taken into account. This simple yet effective approach offers a valuable opportunity to reduce the prevalence of periodontal diseases by ensuring the reliable early detection of progressive patients so that essential secondary preventive measures can be taken.

Quantitative Measurement of Progression

The aMMP-8 technology used in the PerioSafe® Digital Reader System is two to three times more sensitive than the standard BOP procedure, enabling a more reliable quantitative assessment of periodontal “grading” – a key progression parameter.

Three drops of saliva to preserve your health

The Measurement Process at a Glance

aMMP-8: Your Practice Upgrade for Screening and Monitoring

The PerioSafe® PRO DRS & ImplantSafe® DR product technology enables doctors and dentists to perform “real-time measurement”* of subclinical collagen breakdown of the periodontium or peri-implant attachment. This in turn allows early detection of silent oral inflammations (active periodontal/peri-implant degeneration (APD).

The Process

PerioSafe® PRO DRS and ImplantSafe® DR can be analyzed both qualitatively by means of visual inspection (aMMP-8 detection: yes/no) and quantitatively with an analytic report using the ORALyzer (aMMP-8 concentration in ng/ml). To measure progression, at least two measurements are normally required to detect a difference over time.

The Goal

Our goal is to improve the early detection of periodontal/peri-implant degeneration processes in order to counteract and, ideally, halt their progression by means of timely and appropriate interventions.

Sampling & Test Selection

To derive optimum benefits from aMMP-8 prevention diagnostics, the manufacturer (dentognostics GmbH, Jena) recommends making an “indication-specific differentiation” between the different test variants and sample collection variants to maximize measuring accuracy.


All patients aged 25 and over are advised to take an aMMP-8 test at least once a year.

It is recommended that patients with medical risk factors (e.g. smoking, restricted mobility, etc.) should take the test on a more frequent basis.


To reliably detect progressive collagen tissue breakdown at an early stage, it may be helpful to perform an aMMP-8 analysis at least once a year as part of regular prophylaxis appointments and at each recall appointment for patients who receive supportive periodontal/peri-implant therapy.1This can be very easily done before every professional teeth cleaning with the PerioSafe® family of products.

Evidence-based – the science

Compared with detection based on bleeding on probing (BOP), which has a specificity of approximately 88% and sensitivity of only around 29%, the aMMP-8 test can detect collagenolytic enzyme activity with much greater reliability, having a specificity of 96% and sensitivity of up to 83%.


The aMMP-8 test is not a test to confirm a diagnosis of periodontitis/peri-implantitis. Rather, it is an immunological measurement method to detect the level of subclinical collagen breakdown. Measurements should be taken on a regular basis and serve as a complementary measurement alongside pocket depth measurement.


PerioSafe® PRO DRS is recommended for use in GP practices to diagnose the risk of periodontal disease in patients with diabetes, rheumatism and cardiovascular disease.

The Digital Reader


The ORALyzer is an advanced lateral flow (aLF) reader from Qiagen, which has been modified for aMMP-8 measurement. The aLF reader is a reliable, highly sensitive, and precise device with an intuitive workflow. Thanks to the universal test cassette holder, test cassettes for various assays can be used in the device. This ensures that exact, precise measurements are always achieved with minimal deviations.

MRT DRS Highly Sensitive Mouth-Rinse Pool Test

PerioSafe PRO DRS

PerioSafe PRO DRS enables fast quantitative detection of aMMP-8 values to provide additional information about the risk of periodontal disease and its progression. This is because PerioSafe PRO DRS detects the enzyme aMMP-8, a biomarker for the degradation of the collagen network in the periodontium.

aMMP-8 can be detected in sulcular fluid, saliva and mouth rinse and measured with the ORALyzer digital analyzer within a matter of minutes. This procedure can be used to prove the existence of the dynamic process of active periodontal degeneration (APD) and (in line with the required grading) to forecast its future development.

SST DR Site-Specific Test

ImplantSafe® DR

ImplantSafe DR offers fast quantitative detection of the risk of peri-implantitis and its progression. That’s because ImplantSafe DR detects the enzyme aMMP-8, a biomarker for degradation of the collagen network in the periodontium. aMMP-8 can be detected in peri-implant sulcular fluid (PISF), saliva and mouth rinse and measured with the ORALyzer digital analyzer within a matter of minutes.

PST DR Site-Specific Pool Test

PerioSafe ImplantSafe DR 

The PerioSafe ImplantSafe DR test was developed to measure up to four periodontal pockets or implants. It enables the cost-effective determination of a quantitative pool of results, for example from the four deepest pockets within the scope of periodontal monitoring.

The test system can be used on selected teeth and implants for screening and monitoring purposes. The benefit in this regard lies in the ability to restrict the pool analysis to four test points and take samples “ad fundum”, i.e. from the deepest point of the selected position (tooth or implant).

Lasting Protection

Oral Health Toothpaste

For ongoing use to control oral biofilm between professional cleaning, PerioSafe® oral health toothpaste and PerioSafe® oral health rinse were developed. These use micro-silver, pure silver particles with a large active surface area that have an antimicrobial effect, and are entirely free from chlorhexidine digluconate and triclosan.

Antimicrobial Care

Oral Health Rinse

For ongoing use to control oral biofilm between professional cleaning, PerioSafe® oral health toothpaste and PerioSafe® oral health rinse were developed. These use micro-silver, pure silver particles with a large active surface area that have an antimicrobial effect, and are entirely free from chlorhexidine digluconate and triclosan.

28 Million Patients in Need of Preventive Care

Almost half of all adults in Germany are diagnosed with moderate periodontitis (grade 3) (DMS-V). Experts estimate that around 28 million German adults are in need of periodontal treatment. And yet only around one million treatments for periodontal disease were claimed from statutory health insurance companies in 2016.

Our Mission

Prevention is Our Passion

Here you’ll find some basic information about the PerioPrevention concept and gain an initial overview – more details are provided in the internal area in the form of videos, webinars and business-related background information. To access the internal section, please request a personal Online Education access profile.

Who are we? We are a Europe-wide network of medical specialists and diagnostics centers, combining medicine and dentistry through the use of aMMP-8 oral biomarker technology. As a result, we can detect patients suffering from subclinical inflammation processes at an early stage and, for the purpose of secondary prevention, to treat them as soon as possible to prevent the manifestation of periodontal diseases. At the intersection of medicine and dentistry, we are primarily concerned with the holistic view of our patients.

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Specialist in Preventive Medicine

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Specialist in Reproductive Health

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Become a PerioPrevention Center and Receive your Quality Seal

The PPC quality seal (Perio Prevention & Oral Anti-Aging Center) is the mark of quality for dental clinics that specially focus on prevention and are certified in the area of immunological diagnostic technology.

More than 300 PPCs across Europe use the latest saliva diagnostic technology to guarantee the best possible preservation of natural teeth, protection of implants, and maintenance of general health.