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The legal dossier

The increasing prevalence of periimplantitis (PI) presents oral and maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons, implantologists as well as the growing group of DSOs (dental chains) with a continuously growing liability risk.

The Federal Ministry of Justice and the consumer advice centre are currently informing interested patients under the heading on the Google search result page 1 about the deliberate false or incorrect information of patients – topic: “Lack of periimplantitis education in implantology” and in this context the promise of the “95% success rate”.

More and more frequently the courts of succession are deciding in favor of patient protection and condemning implantologists to refund treatment fees received due to a lack of individual periimplantitis risk education.

In addition to the current legal situation, the expert opinion available here shows concrete proposals for action to reduce possible risks and optimize patient education through to needs-based prevention to ensure collagen stability and lifetime extension of dental implants.


The scientific dossier

The development of digital, quantitative measurement systems that enable real-time measurement of oral and peri-implant collagen stability opens up new opportunities for personalized prevention of peri-implantitis and periodontitis.

Similar to the control of blood glucose levels in diabetes management, active, subclinical, peri-implant collagen degeneration can now be measured in real time in dentistry, enabling early and needs-based intervention to successfully counteract the development of a manifest disease.

The goal: Lifetime Extensions for dental implants – lifelong healthy and inflammation-free implants.

More than 300 aMMP-8 biomarker studies demonstrate the potential, the science and the applications of the aMMP8 biomarker technology which now makes the measurement of collagen stability possible.


The economic dossier

Lifetime extensions of dental implants and natural teeth is by far the largest growth market in implantology and dentistry.

About 7 million dental implant patients need two and a half times more recalls and hygiene services for the safe long-term preservation of their implants – per practice this corresponds to an additional turnover of >250,000 € in the area of delegated prevention services – which can now be used for you.

The technological basis for this is personalized, biomarker-supported prevention: This forms the immunological basic information for the demand-oriented determination of the necessary regeneration and prevention services for the lifelong preservation of the implant or general dental health.

Thanks to an analysis report prepared directly on the patient with personalized recommendations for preventive services, more than 80% of patients decide to invest in prevention and the preservation of their implants or natural teeth. The economic dossier shows how you can identify and meet the Unmet Need of Prevention in your own practice per patient.

Take advantage now of the economic leverage of implementing the Implant Lifetime Extensions concept, which is geared towards sustainability, in your practice.