Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

How women at every age and couples planning a pregnancy can benefit from prevention diagnostics with PerioSafe DR

How Mouth-Healthy Are Your Patients?

Oral Hygiene Requires Prevention and Care

The importance of oral health is often underestimated in gynecological practice. Around one in every two women aged between 35 and 44 is diagnosed with moderate periodontitis – and this trend is on the rise. Most pregnant women suffer from gingivitis, which is a precursor to periodontitis. This is due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.

Women are also at an increased risk of developing periodontitis during the menopause due to hormonal changes at this age. 9 out of 10 are unaware that they have periodontitis or underestimate its effects. Many international studies have shown connections between periodontal diseases and

  • bacterial vaginosis
  • endometriosis
  • osteoporosis
  • male and female infertility
  • pregnancy diabetes and preeclampsia
  • pre-term labor and low birth weight (< 2,500 g)

Possible Complications

Is Treatment Necessary?

Yes for couples planning a pregnancy because …

  • periodontal diseases can hinder conception just as much as being significantly overweight
  • there is a link between periodontitis and male infertility, e.g. sperm mobility
  • poor periodontal health before in-vitro fertilization (IVF) can negatively impact the success rate

And also for your pregnant patients because …

  • moderate periodontitis can increase the risk of pre-term labor by a factor of 7.5 (compared with a tripling of the normal risk due to alcohol consumption)
  • severe periodontal disease increases the risk of having a pre-term infant with a low birth weight by a factor of up to 7

Detect Risks with PerioSafe

Optimize Prevention

Bei Kinderwunsch kann Dentalhygiene bzw. eine parodontale Sanierung die Fertilität fördern und weitere Risiken verringern – je nach Studie um den Faktor 2,8 bis 7,9.
Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie (DGP) und die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn- Mund- und Kieferkrankheiten (DGZMK) empfehlen in einer gemeinsamen Stellungnahme, den parodontalen Status bei Kinderwunsch durch einen Fachzahnarzt abzuklären.

Mit der weltweit ersten oralen immunologischen Präventionsdiagnostik, dem PerioSafe DR Test, können Gynäkologen jetzt ganz einfach ihre Patientinnen in der Praxis auf verstecktes orales Inflammationsgeschehen testen.
Als Check-up in der gynäkologischen Praxis zur Identifikation von Parodontitis-Risikopatientinnen ist PerioSafe DR eine ideale Ergänzung Ihres Präventionsprogrammes.

Detect Risks with PerioSafe

The Benefits of PerioSafe

  • PerioSafe DR can detect periodontal tissue breakdown that may still be reversible, i.e. before the gums become clinically notable
  • PerioSafe DR is ideally suited to your patients (and their partners) who are planning a pregnancy
  • PerioSafe DR is easy and reliable to use in gynecology clinics (saliva sample)

The PerioSafe oral health test is suitable for …

  • patients planning a pregnancy
  • patients with recurring bacterial vaginosis
  • peri- and post-menopausal patients
  • patients at risk of osteoporosis
  • All patients who want to take more active preventive action to protect their (oral) health

What to do if the result is positive

If the result is positive, the patient will need to be referred to a periodontist or dentist specializing in periodontology, as part of an interdisciplinary approach. The possible risks associated with early-stage or manifested chronic periodontal inflammation should be explained to the patient in the context of their individual health situation.
The possible risks of having early-stage or manifested chronic periodontal inflammation should be explained to the patient in the context of their individual health situation.

You can download patient brochures in our download area.

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