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Periodontal diseases are gaining ground. However, detection of the breakdown processes comes too late for most of those affected. The new aMMP-8 biomarker technology enables early detection of “progressive” patients and their integration into specially tailored dental hygiene programs.

Thanks to the detection of a direct analysis result, patient compliance increases and your dental hygiene department will benefit from the additional expertise acquired due to highly sensitive biomarker analysis. With PerioSafe technology, your dental hygienists will become a department of preventive medicine, while your delegated services will grow and patient satisfaction will increase.

Every second person is affected by periodontitis

High prevalence, High Demand

for Preventive Care

The results of the fifth German Oral Health Study (DMS V) demonstrate just how important the prevention and early detection of periodontitis are for dental practice. And, although the prevalence of periodontitis has been declining for many years – in particular the most severe cases – every second person in Germany between the age of 35 and 44 is affected by this disease. 43.4% exhibit moderate periodontitis, while 10% suffer from severe periodontitis. 


In addition, the incidence of inflammatory diseases of the periodontium increases with age. Between the ages of 65 and 74, 20% of the population are already affected by sever periodontitis and, from age 75 onwards, 90% of people suffer from moderate to severe periodontitis.

Results window

Test result can be read after just 5 minutes.

Feed opening

3 to 4 drops of the sample fluid will suffice.

Control line C

Indicates whether the test has worked correctly.

Test-Linie T

Indicates the personal test result.

Only 3-4% receive suitable treatment

28 million people* need to avail of more

dental hygiene services

Against the backdrop of demographic change and the current shift in the occurrence of chronic oral diseases to older age groups (according to DMS V), a high degree of prevalence and increasing demand for treatment can still be expected. Experts estimate that around 28 million German adults are in need of periodontal treatment. (Micheelis 2008). Yet only around one million treatments for periodontal disease were claimed from statutory health insurance companies in 2010 (2010 Yearbook of the German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists). In other words, only 3 to 4% of those affected are receiving suitable treatment. This discrepancy may possibly be explained by the fact that the early stage of periodontal degradation is not be detected in time or that the necessary treatment is not pursued.


Younger senior citizens lose 11,1 teeth on average

Early Detection is the Best Prevention

The authors of the most recent Barmer Tooth Report (2017) conclude that, for many patients, treatment of periodontitis comes too late. This means that even adequate therapy can no longer prevent tooth loss and the degradation will continue to deteriorate. While younger adults lose 2.1 teeth, the data indicates that the average number of teeth lost by the younger cohort of senior citizens is 11.1. To date, it has not been possible to cub chronic oral diseases, with their diagnosis simply occurring at an older age.
This means that the earlier that oral inflammatory breakdown processes can be detected, the earlier that action can be taken to prevent the development of periodontitis.

Enhance existing periodontitis diagnostics with PerioSafe PRO DRS
With PerioSafe PRO DRS, the immunological prevention diagnostic, you can detect which patients require additional preventive measures before degenerative and inflammatory damage is even visible. Active collagen breakdown and hidden oral inflammations can be detected in just a few minutes with this delegable test. For example, the recall intervals for prophylaxis can be shortened to optimize preservation of the patient’s oral health.

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