Become a PerioPrevention Center

In your PerioPrevention® Center, your patients receive the best early detection and monitoring with scientifically recognized and patented aMMP-8 technologies for the preservation of natural teeth, implant protection, and the promotion of good health. We assist with this by providing you with a website for your patients.

Future-Proof Your Services

Become a Certified PerioPrevention Center

The PerioPrevention Center certificate is the mark of quality for doctors and dental clinics that value scientifically proven immunological procedures for early detection and prevention purposes, and have integrated them into their QM system.

This enables doctors to expand their range of diagnostic services to include the prevention of oral inflammation as well as to actively connect with dental clinics that focus on prevention-oriented dentistry. Parallel to this, dental clinics that are committed to the inflammation-free preservation of natural teeth and dental implants and want to develop in the area of delegable prevention services can get certified as PerioPreventionCenter. And that’s not all. Only 500 certified PerioPrevention Centers will receive the concept—and therefore be predestined for success.

  • First-mover advantage for the digital aMMP-8 reader technology
  • PerioPrevention Center sub-page for optimum patient communication and prevention services
  • Patient communication for the clinic
  • Regular event updates for members
  • Unique oral profiling concept for clinics and laboratories
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation concept
  • Online training and certificates for employees

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    Would you like to become part of the Inner Circle of the PerioPrevention Network? There you will find all essential information, educational videos and the scientific background for the certification to make your practice a certified competence center for molecular preventive diagnostics, tooth preservation, implant protection and interdisciplinary health optimization.

    Become a PerioPrevention Center and Receive your Quality Seal

    The PPC quality seal (Perio Prevention & Oral Anti-Aging Center) is the mark of quality for dental clinics that specially focus on prevention and are certified in the area of immunological diagnostic technology.

    More than 300 PPCs across Europe use the latest saliva diagnostic technology to guarantee the best possible preservation of natural teeth, protection of implants, and maintenance of general health.