Webinars from 2018

Presentations from the symposium in Schloss Bensberg with many interesting speakers

Contributions and Presentations


Every year, in collaboration with the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM) and the University of Helsinki, we host an interdisciplinary expert symposium of medicine and dentistry. Here you’ll find all presentations by international speakers from 2018.

Preventive Medicine

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kleine-Gunk

Role President of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine e.V.
Presentation Preventive Medicine connects with dentistry
Language German


Dr. med. dent. Rolf Olbertz

Presentation From immunological diagnostics to orthomolecular therapy
Language German


Dr. Peter van der Schoor

Role Implantologist, Garderen (Netherlands)
Presentation Keeping healthy people healthy & reducing periodontal progression
Language German


Dr. Richard Lazzara

Role Periodontologist, West Palm Beach, USA
Presentation From Risk to Chance
Language German


Prof. Dr. Timo Sorsa

Role Director of the aMMP-8 Research Group, University of Helsinki
Presentation Research Updates
Language German

Perio & Medicine

Prof. Dr. Frank Abbas

Role Dept. Periodontology, Groningen, The Netherlands
Presentation Building the bridge between oral & systemic medicine
Language German

Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Solomon Nhwator

Role Preventive Dentistry, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
Presentation Medical and Social Potential of aMMP-8 Screening in Africa
Language German


Prof. Dr. Henrik Dommisch

Role Dept. Periodontology Charité, Berlin
Presentation The 2018 New Periodontal Classification System
Language German

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